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22K Gold Pachi Mango mala Necklace Set - Virani Jewelers
22K Multitone Gold Antique Beaded Bangle - Virani Jewelers
An image of the 22K gold necklace with a depiction of Laxmi from Virani Jewelers.
An image of the vintage 22K gold necklace set from Virani Jewelers.
An image of the 22K gold Vilina Laxmi necklace from Virani Jewelers.

Virani Jewelers is proud to be your trusted supplier of finely crafted 22K gold jewelry. In addition to carrying all of the latest Indian gold jewelry designs, we also carry a wide variety of antique Indian jewelry that can help you achieve a more traditional look. Whether you’re shopping for a 22K gold necklace, gorgeous earrings, or a new 22K gold bracelet, our catalog has an amazing selection of antique jewelry that you’ll never want to take off! If you would like more information about a specific product, shipping, or sizing, please contact the Virani Jewelers customer service team through this page.