Enhance your look by wearing radiant gold bangles with rich diamonds or vibrant gemstones.

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Virani Jewelers is proud to be your leading supplier of 22K Indian gold jewelry. We carry an amazing selection of 22K Indian gold bangle bracelet designs—from extravagant to simple, our gold bangle sets will accent your wardrobe with beauty and elegance. The beautiful 22K gold bangles found on our website, in the Virani app, and in our stores feature a range of timeless designs that allow you to adorn your wrists in style for years to come. Our online catalog and in-store collections make purchasing our Indian bangle sets simple and convenient. The wide variety of Indian gold bangle bracelet designs makes figuring out which set to buy fun and exciting. Our 22K gold bangles can be worn alone for a simple and sophisticated look or neatly stacked to create a truly one-of-a-kind outfit. The benefits of wearing our real gold bangles are that quality and durability are something we take much pride in. We ensure that your gold bangle bracelets will add timeless beauty to any outfit while standing the test of time with no visible signs of tarnish and wear. No matter how you wear our gold bangle bracelet sets, you will surely draw attention wherever you go. We even carry a wide selection of adjustable gold bangles for kids so you will never have to worry about getting their gold bangles resized as they age. By purchasing a 22K gold bangle set from our online catalog or through one of our Indian jewelers you guarantee that your gold bangle is real and worth its weight in gold. If you have any questions about our gold bangle sets, please contact the Virani Jewelers customer service team and we’ll provide you with everything you need to know.