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Are you ready for Diwali this year? Visit Virani Jewelers to find the perfect jewelry and read our latest post to learn more about the holiday!
In addition to being beautiful, the mangalsutra plays a significant role in Indian culture. Visit Virani Jewelers to read our latest post and learn more!

Many are unaware of India's vast history with diamonds. The history of diamonds in Indian culture is one of great importance, respect, and innovation. The country of India has the largest diamond polishing industry in the world — it provides 11 out of every 12 processed diamonds for jewelry found on earth. Even the most popular diamond in the world, the massive 105.6 carat Kohinoor diamond, was found in India and is still the most expensive diamond known to date. India has long been a chief purveyor of the diamond industry that has helped shape the culture of luxury jewelry...

Pieces of Culture

The beauty of Virani Jewelers has many facets. Beyond our unmatched selections of the finest 22K gold jewelry designs worldwide, we are also a seamless representation of two great cultures. Through our Western culture we ushered in the Spring season with our Everyday Minimal Collection of sleek, versatile and affordable gold jewelry to suit the lifestyles of our modern-chic millennial. But through our South Asian culture, we are excited to celebrate the arrival of Akshaya Tritiya, a wonderful Spring festival that celebrates wealth, prosperity and happiness.   The word Akshaya itself means “never diminishing” which denotes a never ending outpouring...