22K Yellow Gold & CZ Stone Baubles Ring (2.4 grams)
22K Gold Laxmi Bangle Set w. Antique Finish (59 grams)
22K Yellow Gold Navratan Bangle Set w/ Gems (42 grams)
22K Yellow Gold & Gemstone Bangle Set (58.1 grams)
22K Yellow Gold & Gemstone Bangle Set (33.1 grams)
22K Yellow Gold & Emerald Laxmi Bangle Set (56.1 grams)
22K Yellow Gold, Ruby, & Emerald Bangle (12.6 grams)
22K Yellow Gold, Emerald & Ruby Stone Bangle (11.5 grams)
22K Yellow Gold & Ruby Bangle (12.5 grams)
22K Antique Gold Emerald & Ruby Bangle (14.1 grams)
22K Gold Kasu Necklace w. Rubies & CZ Stones (80.8 grams)
22K Antique Gold Jewelry Set w. Gems (92.5 grams)
22K Yellow Gold & Gems Goddess Laxmi Necklace (88.5 grams)
22K Yellow Gold, Gems, & Pearl Jewelry Set (94 grams)

Make a bold statement with your wardrobe by adding a beautiful piece of Indian ruby jewelry from Virani Jewelers to your collection! Rubies are as eye-catching as they are beautiful, and we carry a wide variety of Indian jewelry with rubies for every taste and occasion. Whether you’re looking for a 22K gold jewelry set featuring beautifully subtle inset rubies, eye-catching Indian ruby necklaces or earrings that will turn heads and draw attention, you’ll find something you love in our catalog! If you have questions about a certain product, or if you would like more information about ordering 22K gold jewelry online, then just get in touch with our customer service team and we’ll be happy to help.