An Auspicious Festival of Spring

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An Auspicious Festival of Spring

The beauty of Virani Jewelers has many facets. Beyond our unmatched selections of the finest 22K gold jewelry designs worldwide, we are also a seamless representation of two great cultures. Through our Western culture we ushered in the Spring season with our Everyday Minimal Collection of sleek, versatile and affordable gold jewelry to suit the lifestyles of our modern-chic millennial. But through our South Asian culture, we are excited to celebrate the arrival of Akshaya Tritiya, a wonderful Spring festival that celebrates wealth, prosperity and happiness.  

The word Akshaya itself means “never diminishing” which denotes a never ending outpouring of good fortune. This year, Akshaya Tritiya will fall on April 26th, and this promising day is believed to be the most ideal day to start new life ventures, especially those that are business related. It is also considered the most favorable time to buy silver and gold as an investment, which should in turn  bring about blessings from Goddess Laxmi.  

22K Yellow Gold Bangle W/ Rubies, Emeralds & CZ Gems on Antique Finish Flower Cuff

22K Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace & Jhumki Drop Earrings Set W/ 18.77ct Uncut Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds & Laxmi Kasu

As jewelry connoisseurs, we believe in such ideas of celebration through investment. Our beautiful collection of 22K solid gold statement jewelry are an investment worth making. You can explore the extent of our online collection to find radiant precious gemstone encrusted jewelry including raw uncut diamond designs. You will find unique antique and Temple jewelry that pay homage to Hindu gods and goddesses. Sway your hips in our royal Vaddanam waist belt designs or flick your wrists with graceful movements stacked in our ornate bangles and bangle sets.    

Whatever your style of adornment and regardless of how you choose to invest, Virani Jewelers are here to provide expert information on the best ways for you to invest in gold and silver through us.   

Sending you and your family great wishes of unrelenting prosperity!   


Esther S. 
Senior Copywriter