We view jewelry as an intimate marker of relationships, connecting people deeply. 

The peacock feather means 'connection' for Virani Jewelers as it is a symbol of integrity, nobility, guidance, protection, and watchfulness.


We empower people of all cultures and generations to uniquely express themselves

Fire, specifically the flame inside, represents 'empowerment' for Virani Jewelers, as it is the only one of the five elements that cannot be altered or polluted by the thing it purifies.


The love for beauty moves Virani Jewelers to curate distinct collections of breathtaking pieces from all over the world. The earthy fragrance of roses and their ceremonial use across South Asia are the reason Virani Jewelers believes roses symbolize deep beauty.

At Virani Jewelers, every piece of diamond jewelry comes with certification. A diamond certificate verifies each diamond’s specifications, including its color grade, carat weight, clarity grade and cut grade. The most well-known grading laboratories are:

EGL (European Gemological Labatory), IGI (International Gemological Insititute), and GIA (Gemological Institute). Learn more about these labs below.

Further, all our Gold Jewelry is stamped with .916 (for 22k gold) and  .75 (for 18k gold).

Established in 1931, GIA is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls. A public benefit, nonprofit institute, GIA is the leading source of knowledge, standards, and education in gems and jewelry.

IGI was the first lab to develop jewelry identification reports and is the leader in this field today.

Most of the world's diamonds and gemstones are already set into jewelry. IGI's expertise in the analysis and documentation of finished jewelry items is unrivaled anywhere. This work is more complex than the analysis of loose stones.

Without disassembling heirlooms or complex pieces, IGI has developed techniques for providing expert and impartial analysis of a jewelry item's precious stones, total carat weight, color, clarity, natural origin, and details of mounting. Clear documentation and photographs are issued for every item. These standardized photos are extremely useful for consumers, showing details of craftsmanship that may not be visible otherwise.

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